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You will certainly need to be really cautious if you currently have cardiovascular disease, pre-existing eye problems, high cholesterol, diabetic issues or very high blood stress, because those troubles enhance the opportunities of developing eye troubles when using Viagra, although those are very uncommon in many clients experiencing erectile disorder and obtaining the procedure.

This medication still has the very same energetic component - sildenafil citrate, and comes with the exact same list of possible communications and contraindications.

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The process of blood inflow in to the cells of the penis in such clients could be hindered because of a number of factors, however Viagra is reliable for most of the instances, with the quantity being adjusted according to every patient's specific demands.

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If you think the dose you have been prescribed is not functioning properly for you, do not increase it based upon your own perception - discuss this action with your healthcare service provider to make certain all the aspects that may impact your procedure are considered.